Last week of School!

We made it! There were lots of activities scheduled for the last week of school, and we really enjoyed our time together. First, the students acted out parts of the Bible story where Lazarus is raised from the dead.

In addition, I had a great birthday celebration on the 4th! I am so thankful for all of the gifts and cards I received; the kids made my day! We even had a countdown to the exact time I was born (9:39 AM) :) 

On Wednesday, we had a "Word Game" day where students played Boggle, Madlibs, Upwards, and Scrabble with a certain group. Students were able to rotate around and try out each of the games. 

We also finished up our 3D figures math unit by measuring different figures and finding the surface area, volume, and other attributes of the solids. Students worked in partners for this activity.

Students helped out Mr. Cox by pulling staples from New Testament booklets that are going to the jail ministry through Forgotten Man ministries.

On the last full day of school,…

End of Year Fun

The year is almost over, and I hope you are all looking forward to summer break! Since we have finished up MAP testing, this last week should be a breeze. Here are some of the things we have been up to lately: 
Students were introduced to different types of punctuation by trying to determine which ones should be used in different sentences. 

Students did very well on their social studies Caribbean Island posters! I was very impressed with the organization and creativity that went into these projects. Here are pictures of the students' hard work during our work sessions:

Our last literature unit was all about poetry. We read through a poem by Lewis Carroll called "The Jabberwocky." After reading, the students were challenged to use vivid details from the poem to draw a picture of what they think the Jabberwocky looks like.

In math, we have been studying properties of 3D figures along with finding their surface areas and volumes. Students cut out nets of different solids …

Springing into May

Hello from the sixth grade classroom! We have been working hard as usual over the past few weeks as we are finishing up several projects. Students have been doing awesome work, and I am very proud of the great effort I have been seeing in the classroom.

We have been spending time exploring the ministry of Jesus, and we did a study on the Sermon on the Mount. Students made "Words of Advice" posters where they recorded ten pieces of advice that Jesus gives on how to love and serve others. We used these and the Easter crosses to design a bulletin board for the hallway. Be sure to check it out!

In ELA, we have been preparing for the MAP test that is coming up, and we have been finishing up our literature circle studies. First, we reviewed things that we learned about pronouns by playing a Fan-and-Pick game.

 I was SO impressed by the students' problem-solution essays! The students spent time brainstorming, drafting, and reviewing each others' essays. We emphasized the i…