Lutheran Schools' Week Highlights

We did a lot of fun activities to celebrate Lutheran Schools' week along with the coming approach of Spring! First of all, students used metaphors, similes, and personification to write a poem about the wonderful things about spring. 

The students' poems were turned into a bulletin board to celebrate Spring's approach! Be sure to come and check out the bulletin board in the elementary hallway.

On Wednesday, students were able to attend an Ash Wednesday service, and they received the imposition of ashes. We are remembering the time that led up to Jesus' death and resurrection.

On Thursday, we cheered on students participating in the middle school spelling bee. The awesome 6th grader that participated was Jonathan Hart.

On Thursday afternoon, students read different Bible stories with their 2nd grade chapel buddies.

On Friday afternoon, we had a blast participating in a pep rally to end Lutheran School's week! The 6th grade representatives (Cameron, Katie C., Daetyn…

Skiing, Mineral Building, and Rock Making

It has been a while since my last blog post, but here are some much needed pictures! First, I have a few pictures to show from our mineral building lab. Students worked with a partner to build a crystal structure for a particular mineral using toothpicks and play-dough. Then they modeled what happens to real minerals by putting pressure on the structures with coasters. They quickly collapsed!

We also had the AWESOME experience of skiing at Snowsnake! The students did great, and I was so proud of their courage and perseverance to conquer the slopes! Here are some of the highlights:

Minerals, Math, and Ice

We've had an interesting past few weeks despite the Snow Days! On a day after freezing rain, the kids enjoyed a recess of "ice skating" on the parking lot. 

The 6th graders also spent time exploring the world's oceans through a partner desk atlas activity. 

We went on another math scavenger hunt to review rates and ratios. This time, the students found my FAVORITE critter... bald eagles! 

Finally, we studied mineral properties by calculating density using water and scales, finding streak using streak plates, and testing for hardness with Moh's hardness scale.